A season of change

“Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans — John Lennon”

Bflo Boho enjoyed a spectacular spring and summer as we found our place in the Buffalo marketplace and met many instantly loyal new customers. The addition of daughter Jennine to the team doing social media and design support took things to the next level almost immediately.

But the anticipated Big Bang of a September Grand Opening of our new shop in Market Arcade has been replaced with the welcoming whisper of October. Located in the 1892 Market Arcade building in the historic Downtown Theater district , the location is gorgeous . Our store is now stocked , but all the little extras and details I’d so anticipated are still a work in progress.

These days it’s all about change. The year I spent building my business at The Foundry - a one of a kind business incubator created by the astounding Megan McNally — ended (as planned) when we graduated to our own store at Market Arcade. We move the last of my stuff out tomorrow with both gratitude and sadness .

Our fall slate of classes has been put on the shelf to resume after Christmas.

We were looking forward to another year at The Broadway Market - where we came to know and love our fellow vendors. But we closed this weekend. We’ve left the building , but not the family. I hope we’ll be back for the Easter season - but accept it’s not up to me .

My surprise hospitalization in early August led to treatment that took me out for most of that month and September. At this point it’s ongoing , but eventually I’ll get back the modicum of control I once had. My family - especially Charlie, Jennine, Bernie, Tom and Cheryl- have been right there as we’ve been figuring things out.

The good news - I’m still creating new pieces and most days I’m in the shop. Our October hours will be Tuesday through Friday from 11-6 at 617 Main St. On Saturdays - when street parking is free- we’re open from 11-5.

If you are looking for a custom piece or need to talk to me about a special order please email in advance at bfloboho@gmail.com to make sure I’m in the shop not at an appointment. Charlie will be there to help with sales and info most times I’m not.

To my wonderful Buffalo customers - thank you for your patience during this time of deliberate mystery. Your support of our business means the world to Charlie and me.

Let your friends know about our shop. I’ve got a great collection of Czech Glass dragonfly creations right now and the Czech Glass Sugar skulls come out this week. My home studio is littered with concepts for this year’s ornaments to debut in November.

BfloBoho isn’t every where we expected to be right now — but we’re here to stay.