The Last of the Czech Glass Button Pressers

Meet Mr. Clement Riegel - who can hand-press more than 1000 buttons in a single day -- and not miss a beat through all my annoying questions and very patient translator. He and his twin brother have been pressing buttons for 54 of his 67 years  -- and may be the last of their trade. 

Buffalo 2.0

Buffalo is not where you are from, it's who you are. It's an adjective that describes your work ethic, dedication to family, commitment to the greater community and perseverance. 

Wearing it Out - Wearable Art

From the simplest pair of one-bead-on-wire earrings to layered and detailed Assemblage multi-strand mega-statements with dozens of components it comes down to the essential division of duties in "wearable art" -I build it to wear you treat it like art. 

Six Signs You Are A Goddess

Regardless of a couple of misinformed millennia when some believed that what she looked like had something to do with it, real Goddesses haven't changed much in the last 30,000 years.   

They are the ones who get things done. 

1. SHE KNOWS ... 

that size and age are arbitrary numbers. Shape is just the package. It’s not about how the package is wrapped, but sharing the gift inside.

2. SHE CARES... 

about those she calls her own with a fierce and unrelenting passion. 


with nature and knows the earth is not ours to deplete but protect for our children's children. 


because what others expect is inconsequential. She listens, learns and trusts her heart.  

5. SHE ACTS... 

even when the action is difficult, because sometimes the cost of inaction is far too great.  


Gift Your Goddess - and Build the Goddess Gift.

No Apologies, No Problem

There are a few wonderful people--  whom I love dearly -- who feel differently about the world we share ,  the challenges we face  as women and what one person could or should do. I don't apologize for my stance or love them any less for theirs. There is no value in fighting each other, but so much good in focusing on the things which continue to unite us. 

And then there are an awful lot of awful people whom I've never met, am not likely to meet and are frankly not welcome in my space. We all have only so much bandwidth -- physically, emotionally and online. Any time dealing with hate and harangue is lost to solutions.

I'm moderating comments on my various platforms to keep the the information flow positive and energies focused on results. I am not blocking access for them to say or do anything they wish in their own space and am glad the First Amendment provides them the same freedoms I have today -- but not the option of soiling my space with hate and vitirol. 

I've planted a small garden with my own investment of time, money and talent in hopes of harvesting community and support for the essential and absurdly challenged work of essential non-profits. 

It only makes sense to put up a small fence to keep the varmints out. 

 This guy illustrates an article on farm fencing in Mother Earth News, but seems to work here too... 

This guy illustrates an article on farm fencing in Mother Earth News, but seems to work here too...