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Traditional Mandala Pattern in Gold and Purple Czech Button Earrings


These unique  18mm  buttons have a are finished from the back with a purple and gold vitral finish that reads as more gold than purple from one angle and more purple than gold from another.  Straight on,  they are a beautiful combination of purple with gold accent through the crystal clear glass,  The top is finished with simple gold- hand-painted highlight of the center design element 

The secure lever findings are antique finished r brass and rest comfortably on the ear. Weighting in at less than 1/3 of an ounce they are light and easy on your ear. 

Each pair of my Artisan Czech Button Earrings is made from two identical , individually crafted and finished Artisan Czech Glass buttons made by traditional craftsman in small, traditional, often-home-based shops in Jablonec.  Many times the molds used have been in their families for many generations. All painting -- whether in the top of back of the button, is done by hand and the buttons are traditionally finished with a high heat "fire-polish."

Click here for photographs of my craftsmen at work and more information about these beautiful  and challenged treasures.  Far too often , I hear people say they are sure the production of these buttons has stopped , but fortunately a small group of traditional pressers remain at work -- and your purchase today supports their continuing livelihood. 

I carefully remove the button shanks and smooth finish the back of each button before setting it. Because of the hand-pressed Artisan nature of the buttons sometimes it will not sit precisely in the bezel but be assured and you will see very slight variations in the way it sits. This pair sits evenly. 

 Rest assured that even with slight variance each pair is securely and permanently placed. I have been working with this design for two years now and have sold more than 100 pairs without  issues.

The bezels are not structured to wear to sleep or swim. There is some give in the brass ear wires that can be gently eased back into shape if they are accidentally "smushed." 

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