Amber Dragonfly Artisan Czech Button Earrings

Amber Dragonfly Artisan Czech Button Earrings


Not just for Outlander fans... Across world cultures, dragonflies celebrate change and self-realization -- and the graceful lines of their elongated wings make for great design. This take in the traditional Czech 18 mm dragonfly mold has a rich amber-colored glass  with the dragonfly body and antennae precisely hand-painted in metallic gold.

The secure lever findings are a rose-gold-colored brass and rest comfortably on the ear. Weighting in at less than 1/3 of an ounce they are light and easy on your ear. The bezel sits behind the button rather than encircling it opening up amber glass edge to more light and a brighter presentation than other available  settings. 

Each pair of my Artisan Czech Button Earrings is made from two identical , individually crafted and finished Artisan Czech Glass buttons made by traditional craftsman in small, traditional, often-home-based shops in Jablonec.  Most times the molds used have been in their families for many generations. All painting -- whether in the top of back of the button, is done by hand and the buttons are traditionally finished with a high heat "fire-polish."

Click here for photographs of button presser Clement Riegel at work and more information about these beautiful  and challenged treasures.  Far too often , I hear people say they are sure the production of these buttons has stopped , but --  at least for now  --  at least two 67-year -old twin brother pressers  remain on the job. Your purchase today supports their continuing art. 

I alter the shank, smooth the back and set your buttons  in U.S.-made brass custom findings designed by Becky Nunn to consistent quality standards.  I worked through a variety of combinations over the last several years before finding  these wonderful, wearable pieces in brass and silver-plated brass. 

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